Self-Care for Health Professionals



We’ve got this, right?  After all, if you’re like me, you probably spend a good chunk of your day encouraging your clients, your patients, or perhaps your loved ones to make time for themselves, to put on their own “oxygen masks” so they’re able to support others to do the same.  We know this to be true and yet oftentimes those in care-giving professions (nurses, physicians, holistic wellness professionals) end up last on their own priority list.

Self-care is self-preservation. It is not optional.

In order to support others, we must be willing to invest in ourselves and to do our own work, right alongside our clients. It is my privilege to work with healthcare and wellness professionals, to help them get back on their priority list so they can experience the vibrant health they desire and show up in the way they want to for themselves, their loved ones, and their clients/patients and ultimately, be more fulfilled (and therefore more successful!) in their work.

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