What Clients Are Saying

Amaryllis , White(Hippeastrum)Six Weeks To Healthier Living Workshop Participants:

“I wanted to thank you for the enthusiasm you brought to each class! You really made me feel welcome and presented an environment where all of us felt comfortable and at ease to share our experiences. What I liked best was learning about the more important nutritional food groups and recipes on how to cook them. We can still eat healthy without sacrificing taste — it really does not take a lot of time to incorporate healthy foods into our diets. Of course, a night out w/the girls was also a treat for me!” Pat C., Enfield, NH

“Very knowledgeable, warm, and understanding of differences in our needs/different experiences. Thank you for being so REAL!” Jill S, Hanover, NH

“I appreciated the equal emphasis you gave to what’s on the “plate of life” as well as well as what we put in our mouths.” Kristen H, Norwich, VT

Spring Cleanse Participants:

“I can only praise and thank you for your gentle and wise leadership in this process. I feel there has been a shift in my awareness that I have been searching for. Be it the right time, the right people, the right place, it has been a wonderful and I will do it again. I had my first cookie and it was good and enough. I have not had my first coffee yet but will only have the perfect cup at the perfect time. It is about choices, mindfulness and commitment.  I LOVE the basic intro into Ayurvedic way and it fits right now in my quest for balance. You two are fun and supportive and have a great relationship and balance.” L.H, Norwich, VT

“My husband and I both did Susan’s cleanse earlier this year.  We did not know what to expect and were nervous about giving up certain foods and feeling hungry.  We followed Susan’s program and found in fact that we were not hungry did not miss our regular caffeine, alcohol, wheat and dairy consumption.  After the 3rd day we felt great energy.  The benefits are long-lasting.  We found that we really hesitated to go back to old habits after giving up certain foods and feeling so good.  My husband, a heavy coffee drinker, didn’t go back to coffee for 2 weeks after the cleanse and he now satisfies himself with merely 1 cup a day. This was a great springboard to healthier eating and welcoming in spring for both of us.”  Martha Rebour, Washington, DC Spring Cleanse participant

I haven’t taken care of myself like this since before my first son was born, fifteen years ago; it felt so great!”  Michele Steurer, Orefield, PA

“This was my 3rd cleanse but my first one with Susan and it was my best cleanse ever!  I have finished this cleanse feeling fabulous and wanting to eat more greens whole foods everyday.  People are telling me how great I look, after only two weeks!  I whole-heartedly recommend doing a cleanse with Susan.”  Marianne Barthel, Bradford, VT

“Thanks for the inspiration! After the Fall and Colorful Kitchari blog post, written by Dena Testa Bray, Spring and Fall Cleanse participant

“Just a huge thank you!  I will definitely bring what I learned here into my life — and my family’s — for the long run.”  Laura J., Lebanon, NH

Private Coaching Clients:

“You are an amazing health coach and go beyond the definition of what a health coach should be. You have a wonderful calming way about you that seems to help one bring everything into perspective and at the same time assist one into finding the solutions necessary to better their lives.”  C.K., Piermont, N.H.

“I have higher and more stable energy, am practicing yoga regularly, and am making significantly different food choices, especially when eating out. You are gifted at what you do, you gave me so much valuable information and nutritional knowledge and supported me unconditionally as well as helping me find the healthiest choices that worked for me as an individual.  Absolutely everyone I know would benefit from this program.”  Carole T., Orford, NH (Sustainable Wellness, six-month program client)

Discovering your Heart’s Intention Retreat Participants:

“It was a unforgettable day.  It met my expectations and more. The retreat was well balanced with yoga and work sessions.  I liked the focus on healthy food – the  well-balanced meal and the Mindful Eating Guidelines.”  Jane Bayley Brown, W.Fairlee, VT

“The “Retreat” was wonderful. I really like the pacing of the day. It invited serious involvement but no one section was so long that it got too heavy. I loved the variety–individual writing, sharing, reporting, the yoga, the walk,  the food, etc.  I really enjoyed meeting some new people–  I had prior connection to probably half the group. I was a bit worried before I arrived that I would have to share my secrets with people I already knew, so I really liked that you encouraged us to share with people we did not know. I thought the site was the perfect match for what we were trying to do. Also the food was memorably good. My most important take away was a combination of balance and action. You can take action to get yourself more in balance. Thank you both so much.” Nancy Cressman, Norwich, VT

“I really enjoyed meeting both of you and want to thank you for the opportunity to get together with such a wonderful group of women.  What I liked most about the day was the peaceful setting.  It really set the tone for the day and gave me an overall feeling of relaxation and tranquility.  That combined with the smaller group sessions/discussions, the yoga, and the delicious lunch made for a lovely day overall.  I can’t think of an area that you could improve on as I felt there was a nice flow to the day. I think if this type of retreat was offered seasonally, it would be a huge hit and would be something for all of us to look forward to.  Yes, I would make the drive again from Maine!” Linda Crosta, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Women and Family Wellness Series Participants:

“Learning that other moms are sharing the same balance struggles was so reassuring.  I loved learning new strategies for adding in healthy foods.”  Patty K., Hanover, NH

“Thank you for a great excuse to focus on myself!  I loved exchanging ideas and especially enjoyed your presentation and input.  Thanks for bringing such compassion to what you do!”  Caren S., Hanover, NH